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Are you familiar with the story Rock Soup? When I was a child, I loved this story. I don’t know where I heard it first, or from whom, but I do remember absolutely loving it. Often, while raising my kids, there were times of scarcity. I’d call to mind the story of Rock Soup, and it would bring a smile to my heart and laughter to my lips. Because in essence, that’s what I would be facing, making something out of nothing. I became quite good at it.

Today I am making Rock Soup.  SURE AM!  My ‘rock’ was actually a baking sheet. So technically it’s not a ‘soup,’ but the same principle applies. You got it…you know it.

I looked through my fridge to see what I could add to make the baking sheet taste better. I gathered up: onion, yellow squash, celery and sweet potato. I also found some wonderful seasonings to add to the flavoring – and into the oven it went. This may be a Rock Soup to remember! I think when it is ready, I will serve it over rice, or perhaps some gluten free pasta noodles. Or maybe even alone…who knows?

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ME-gan creativity at it’s best. Come on over and join us. There’s enough to feed an army of hungry ME-gans!  🙂

ROCK on! Love,