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Today I was reading a story about how this girl named Jaki has given up sugar (http://www.thekindlife.com/post/success-story-jaki-overcomes-sugar-addiction). Jaki wrote ““I gave up sugar for 30 days and thought I’d share my experience with you.” The key word there is ‘share.’ When people have a good experience with something, wherein it’s helped them achieve better success, health, happiness, etc., they often want to SHARE with others so that they too can experience the benefits. Now what those people chose to do with the information they are given, is strictly up to them.

Some may choose to hop on the wagon and join in on the road to BETTER LIVING, while others have nothing better to do but sit around and criticize those who choose to be proactive by taking control of their lives. I suppose these people are bitter because, well…simply put, other people’s successes only magnify their own inadequacies. It’s quite sad, but true. I write about this in my book.

We know our life is truly worth something when we don’t have time to worry about what others say about us.  Those who are strong in what they believe in and do God’s will, know that negativity is only a setback, and for those of us who have come so far, a setback is just not an option. Keep the negative out…let life take it to where it belongs – somewhere in a big dark hole, and let us WELCOME in the positive and EMBRACE a happy, healthy life!

Sharing is a gift that comes from the heart. If people never shared their stories, just think… there wouldn’t be news, books, articles, journals or many things! If people didn’t share their inventions, we’d be living without!  It takes time and passion to share your life’s experiences, thinking that these things may possibly help others. We all have our own life and families, problems & concerns, so to take time out of our day to share with others is quite honorable. Those who are not interested, yet have nothing better to do than poke fun and protest, need to find their own life…maybe in that big dark hole where all the other negative ‘stuff’ goes! HA!

Thanks to all of you who share your success stories, people like me who are on a continual path to better ourselves, truly do appreciate it!

Here’s to a life worth sharing!