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Starting off a New Year certainly sounds good, but feels even better! There’s a feeling of gratification when you have a vision or a goal and do everything within your might to make it happen. That’s how I feel today. Hopes and dreams cannot come true if we wait for them to, no way; we need to turn them into reality. Go get life and make it happen.

This year will be about helping others, as Lee and I both said in our video clip the other day. Today, January 2nd, we will be delivering dinner to a family in need. That’s what we wanted, and that’s exactly what we are doing. And the key to it all is to start making it happen NOW, today…not tomorrow, next week or next month.

Also, as you know, I have started my ME-gan cookbook which I’m very excited about and Lee is in the process of sending out book proposals for his first book. We ask you to please remember us in your prayers that The ME-gan Lifestyle will do well and help us to bring our other two current projects to life, as well as being able to dive into our mission work in helping those less fortunate.

It’s all so exciting, and it’s all in GOD’S HANDS. As the lyrics go in the song “Makin’ It,” by David Naughton:

This time in life I’m makin’ it; I’ve got the chance I’m takin’ it

Makin’ It Happen is my 2012 SLOGAN…and I invite you all to join in!

Motivated love,