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Baba Ganoush that’s who! This week I’ve been making some eggplant dishes, so of course I had to make this one! Many people think of Baba Ganoush to be the same as hummus, and that is kind of true. They are really the same, it’s just that hummus is basically a chick pea base, whereas Baba Ganoush is with roasted eggplant!

The recipe I make calls for eggplant, chickpeas, garlic, lemon juice, tahini and a few other special ingredients! I roast the eggplant in the oven for 45 minutes! The entire house is filled with its tantalizing aroma! Roasted eggplant just smells SO GOOD! Mmmmmmm!

This is a perfect ME-gan snack! Dig into it with “Mary’s Gone Crackers” crackers or my new best chip friend “Food Should Taste Good – Olive Tortilla Chips!” Of course it also goes deliciously perfect with veggies or even over rice or potatoes – spread it on…and get creative!

This will be one of my featured recipes in my cookbook for sure!

DIP’N and CHIP’n love to you!