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I want to meet Dean Ford, lead singer of Marmalade!  They do resemble the Tremelos & the Hollies, but far surpass them both, if you ask me! If you are in the mood for a very cool song (definitely one of MY favorite songs!), check out (click here…) Reflections Of My Life.

But beyond the wish to meet Dean Ford, this year, Lee and I have a very special motivation.  Please check out our youtube video to find out what our hopes & dreams are for 2012! Click here!

Keep in mind that I am a very ‘shy’ person, perhaps even ‘private,’- I know ‘that’ may seem hard to believe since I’ve written a book that pretty much puts my life on the line, but it really did take a lot of passion for me to do this video, and I hope to do many more in the near future! You’ll notice in the video that Lee and I are both pretty casual, and we always try to keep it real like that!

Oh..and by the way, if you happen to have Dean’s home phone number, let me know!

Welcoming 2012 into our lives is an adventure into the unknown, but we will savor every step of the way!

‘Making it happen’ love….

Mary & Lee