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The thought of eating healthy, and perhaps incorporating a fitness ‘routine’ into our daily lifestyle may seem frightening, but why is that? Is it the mere possibility of CHANGE that scares us so? Well, shake it off and get ready for 2012! This is the year of The ME-gan Lifestyle! Change is knocking, health is SCREAMING…and YOU are going to take control of your life once and for all! Prove to others, as well as yourself, that YOU CAN DO IT!

Before diving into a full ME-gan lifestyle, we will start off by being accountable for our daily food intake! Keeping a journal may seem so cliché, but it’s the smart thing to do. If only for a week, do it so that you can look back and get a dose of reality on everything that you have put into your mouth. Count calories & fats per serving, and keep track of how many servings you are eating at a time! It’s not easy keeping track of what you eat, actually it’s kind of a pain in the butt, but success isn’t free. It takes a little hard, honest work on your behalf!

Also, we will start reading ingredient labels. Let’s pay attention to what we are actually ingesting, and take notice to all the foods that contain ‘wheat’…in other words, gluten. Wheat, Barley and Rye are our gluten grains, so don’t be surprised when you find this in just about everything you are eating! There are many aliases for gluten, such as: flour, semolina, bulgur, spelt, seitan, durum and more! I write about this very thing in my book. In addition, let’s take note of what has dairy and egg in it. Take inventory of everything  you already have in your kitchen and pantry. By doing this, you’ll begin to get a realistic idea of what’s what! You’ll find ingredients on your labels that you won’t even be able to pronounce, let alone know what they are. Yep…it’s true, we’re putting all this ‘stuff’ into our bodies and don’t have a clue what it is, or what the consequences of doing so are. And believe me, there ARE consequences.

I’ve heard more and more about people taking sick, not only with ‘symptoms,’ but with horrendous diseases such as cancer, MS, auto immune, and others, yet have led a very healthy and active life. So, why then are we seeing this more and more? We need to stop looking for the answers from the people who are certainly are not going to give us the truth…the FDA, food industries, government agencies, etc. Let’s not miss the forest for the trees! It’s right here in front of our very own eyes, and we can’t pretend any longer that what we put into our bodies has no effect on our health. And if you are not sick ‘YET,’ then make the change now, in an attempt to avoid disease and illness. Healthy eating boosts our immune system, which in turn allows the nutrients to be better absorbed into our bodies. It’s only with a strong immune system that we can fight off these invasions! Plus, by getting on the right track and allowing your body to work as it was designed, by God, you will naturally begin to reverse years of damage that your body has endured over your lifetime. Yes, eating healthy does impact your entire being!

When we do take on a lifestyle change, we must understand that we are dealing with habits & addictions, and they are not easy to break. You’ll need to break through and conquer the mental and physical battle that will take you on. But don’t fear, because success is right around the corner, and an ounce of success will be enough to keep up this ‘fight of your life’ – the fight that will create change within, thereby liberating you to be the PERSON YOU ARE MEANT TO BE!

Personally, I tell people to do their own preliminary research, get to know what you are currently eating, and then get your mind in the right frame for ‘change.’ Pick a date on the calendar, and BEGIN. Don’t look back.

The ME-gan Lifestyle is so much more than just about eating gluten free, meat free, dairy & egg free; it will change your entire life and open many doors for you and your family. But before you begin, I sincerely recommend that you read my book, as it will inspire you, motivate you, and reaffirm things that you already know, but may need that extra ‘push’ to get you going!

I wish all of you SUCCESS in all ways; Health, Happiness, FamilyLife & Love!

Nutritional ME-gan Love,