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What says the holidays more than figs, clementines and walnuts?  I grew up with these during the holidays and Christmas, and to this day the tradition lives on!  May no Thanksgiving or Christmas be without them!

I’m sure by now most of us have our Christmas dinner planned. I just wanted to remind you to include some healthy snacks and appetizers! And believe it or not, as an extra bonus…healthy is ironically the more inexpensive way to go.  Compare the price of cheese platters, crackers, chips & dips, to the price of a ‘homemade’ Crudité platter.  Now if you try to buy one pre-made, well then forget it…you’ll pay an arm and a leg.  The cost of being lazy is high!  🙂 Be creative and have fun making your own! Set out fresh fruits, nuts, olives, pickles, eggplant caponata, hearts of palm, and as many beautiful, fresh vegetables as you can! Now THAT says love and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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Hope you’re enjoying your holiday time and all your party & dinner preparations! The time will pass quickly, so be sure to savor the moments!

Soon it will be Christmas day………….