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I’ve made pea soup like twice in the past week and a half. I just love it! My pea soup is the best! Gluten free, dairy and egg free…HAM free! Pure ME-gan! Last night for dinner we split a baked potato and spooned pea soup on top – wow-wow-wee!  Chefs need to get creative in restaurants and start making dishes like these available to those who want to eat healthier. Maybe one day I’ll open my own restaurant.

We’ve also had baked potatoes topped with my ME-gan Pesto… Mmmm! I like to drizzle my pesto over my salad as well, it adds such a flavorful zesty kick to it! I can see now how my previous ways of eating truly kept me from being creative. The norm would have been to top Mr. Potato with butter & sour cream and of course whatever other goodies were around like maybe cheese, bacon, or even brocoli and cheese. Perhaps chili loaded with meat, and then topped with cheese! Sha-zamm!!

No doubt…I prefer the ME-gan lifestyle. If you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, perhaps you suffer from acid reflux, or as the Italians say “agita,” well then, let me tell ya…

“you have BETTER HEALTH waiting for you if you come over to the ME-gan side of the table!”

The health benefits go beyond weight loss, there’s so MUCH MORE!

I like choices and I like feeling liberated by having the freedom to eat what I choose, and not what others dictate to me. No diet plans, no pills, no schedule with pre-made meals all ready to go – no sir, not in The ME-gan Lifestyle. Your choices are all the good ones…all the right ones, because YOU make them! Mother Nature has provided wonderful food, full of color and flavor. Why eat frozen, or out of a box? Eat ALL NAT-UR-AL !!

When you are healthy, both mentally and physically, you can become more active and get back in the game of life. Don’t let life pass you by!

I sure hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season. It’s hard to believe that NEXT Sunday will be CHRISTMAS DAY. But make sure you’re enjoying ‘today,’ and not getting lost in the hustle & bustle of the season, only waiting for DEC. 25 to get here as if it were the ‘finish’ line. If you do, then guess what? When it gets here you will say “where did all the time go? I didn’t really enjoy Christmas this year.” How sad will that be?! But it happens all the time.

See, Christmas is in the setting up of the Christmas decorations…you know, pulling out the boxes that hold all those decorations all year around! It’s the holiday parties and dinners that we plan; it’s the trimming of the Christmas tree;

it’s the sending out of Christmas cards; it’s the Christmas music; it’s singing Christmas carols around the tree at night with your loved ones, it’s going to Church and remembering the reason of the season; it’s prayers; it’s helping out the poor and those in need…YES, it’s ALL these things, because these are Christmas! Keep Christmas in your heart at all times and BE MERRY!

Don’t let holiday stress and madness ruin it all for you. And please don’t succumb to eating fast food on the go, or in one restaurant after another! You don’t know what your getting…do you? Really? You deserve better. Prepare your foods ahead, so that when you get hungry you’ll have something on hand. This is a great idea for busy schedules! I will always share my tips with you for quick and delicious ideas, and also the not so quick, but ALWAYS delicious and nutritious ideas!

Enjoy a cup of your favorite cheer tonight and put a log on the fire! Don’t forget about those in need – they are counting on us!

A big ‘cup of cheer’ hug to you!