Buon giorno! Just a little note to share some thoughts with you!

There are more ways to get meal ideas than looking at cookbooks and magazines! Get out and see what’s going on in your world! All sorts of ideas will jump at you! Use your imagination.

While strolling through Whole Foods Market the other day, I was looking at their food bar, and I’m glad I did. I got a few awesome ideas for dishes to make! Of course, I don’t know their precise measurements on spices and seasonings, so on… but I’ll improvise and come up with my own great version; they’ve simply provided the main ingredients. I’ll take that!

Plus, I usually find a new ME-gan treat on the shelf, one that I’ve not yet seen or tried, which is nice. I like to carry these with me when I’m out running errands. This time I found Go Raw bars, they look really good. I’ll be trying them! And of course, the Glutino products are always great. But they come in different flavors so read ALL labels..always! Some versions that are gluten free, may contain dairy or egg! Be watchful! It’s your health, your body and your life! Be in control!

Here are some pictures I took while in the store:

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Check back later today for a ME-ganly delicious recipe!

Ciao for now!