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Since my journey for better health began, over two years ago, I have learned so much about fruits, veggies, legumes, nuts, seeds, gluten free grains, and all the vitamins & nutrients that they provide to our bodies and minds.

I’ve always loved to cook, and find it to be quite relaxing. It’s always fun to turn on some music and get busy! Masterpiece dishes seem to fall into place and better health starts the minute it hits my lips!

I realize that not everyone may enjoy cooking, or perhaps they’d like to but don’t know how. This is exactly what I hope to help with starting this Monday. I want to show you that cooking delicious and nutritious, ME-gan style, is nothing to fear. Simplicity is sometimes the best…it truly is! Trust me!

Recipes from all corners of the world, which offer so much…not only to our taste buds, but to our health as well, can be brought into our kitchen and then onto our table.

I’m excited to share different foods and recipes with you during the month of December. I’m actually trying to get a forum up and running here on my blog (if I can ever figure it out) so that you can contribute too! I’m very anxious to hear from you and have you share your ideas and thoughts with all of us.

I’m going to leave you with a simple YUMMY sample of whats to come! I made this yesterday – what a brunch! You know I love my fall and winter squashes! This was no more than roasted Acorn Squash. I cut it into 3 portions, rubbed a little olive oil on it, sprinkled with brown sugar, and baked covered for 35 minutes at 350. Then I uncovered it and broiled it for about 5 minutes, to brown the tops a little.

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Go ahead, get festive and sprinkle with your favorite holiday spice (or nothing at all), I used pumpkin spice. It’s all good, and whatever your imagination can come up with to ME-ganize it even more, then it’ll be that much better! Don’t forget, you can eat the SKIN! Mmm! See…you really don’t have to spend hours slaving in the kitchen to experience a piece of HEAVEN!

Simple, yet yummy LOVE to you!