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Today I must be feeling a little melancholy. I’ve spent 7 weeks here in the D.C. area with mom and family, who I love dearly and don’t get to spend much time with. In just a few days Lee and I will be headed back to Phoenix. Thank God for memories, because they will fill my heart and mind as I now prepare for, and enjoy, the Christmas Season with my children, grandchildren and dear friends! Christmas lies in our hearts, and mine is filled with Chirstmas!

My wish to you is that you are happy and healthy. If your life is not GREAT, then make it GREAT, if you are not HEALTHY, then take the steps to get HEALTHY, if your relationships need mending, then mend them! Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, so  we must make today great, and enjoy each and every minute while we can.

You..me, all of us, must enjoy where we are in our journey of life, the people we share our lives with and the place we call home. Life is about living, loving, and being happy & healthy. We need to focus on that, and continue being positive. These things will allow us to climb mountains and stare adversity in the eye! It’s our life, we only get one, and therefore must take control and not let anyone or anything steal that away from us.

Happiness to you and yours, and may you truly enjoy this blessed Christmas and Holiday Season! May my book fill you with divine inspiration – I know it will!