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To wrap-up our weekend adventure, we traveled to Gettysburg, PA to visit my sister Concetta and husband Mark at their country home in that beautiful and historic setting.  While traveling “on the road”  it is important to stay true to your ME-gan values and seek out the goodness that is just waiting to be discovered. While in Gettysburg, we dined at a restraunt and tavern that dates back to the late 1700s.  We were thrilled to find many vegetables and other “ME-gan friendly” dishes on the menu.  The baked Acorn Squash was simply the best (next to mine!).  It was baked to perfection and broiled to darken the skin, brushed with Olive Oil and absolutley “to die for,” and that was just for starters. Our main course was roasted vegetables with an out of this world marinara sauce. I was in HEAVEN!

In this rural setting, in the rolling hills of southern Pennsylvania, it was comforting to have it reaffirmed that life in the country is in fact as close as one can be to the source of the most healthy food Mother Nature has to offer.  The ME-gan lifestyle is all about you!  All YOU have to do is to seek out the most healthy food available, make it your own and enjoy the road to better health! As I always say, I prefer to eat at home, however, when you are on the road you must search for the places that can truly accomodate The ME-gan Lifestyle – they do exist.

Here are some pictures of our time spent in Gettysburg, as well as food shots taken from dinner at Dobbin House Tavern, where we ate dinner Friday night.

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ME-gan LOVE from the road show of better health and happiness!