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Commercial ads for medications never cease to amaze me. When it comes to the announcer running through the ‘disclaimer’ listing the potential side effects, most offering “DEATH” last on the long list, I laugh my butt off, and think to myself – serious? I would rather deal head on with the ailment or syndrome, then face these possibilities!

I have a couple of favorite medication commercials. The first one being for ‘uric acid.’ It shows a man carrying a HUGE tube of green liquid, barely being able to carry it around because it’s so big and heavy, and you can tell he’s really fighting with it. Well, the commercial is asking us if we are sick of uric acid getting us down, and if we are tired of achy joints and so on. Then, of course, it proceeds to pitch the medication. Nowhere does it suggest cutting meats and other foods out of your diet that create uric acid, to rid the problem naturally and all by yourself.

For those of you who may not be familiar with uric acid and how it forms, let me give you a brief intro:

Although purines are natural substances found in all of the body’s cells, and in virtually all foods, we can find a small amount of foods that do in fact contain concentrated amounts – for the most part we are talking about high-protein foods such as organ meats like kidney, mackerel, herring, sardines and mussels, and also yeast.

Purines are metabolized into uric acid.

What happens is that when our cells die &  recycle, the purines in their genetic material get broken down as well. Uric acid is the chemical formed when purines have been broken down completely. It’s normal and healthy for uric acid to be formed in the body from the breakdown of purines. I read that in our blood, uric acid actually serves as an antioxidant and helps prevent damage to our blood vessel linings, therefore it’s rather important that we have a steady supply of uric acid for protecting our blood vessels.

However, due to a variety of circumstances and eating habits, uric acid levels in the blood and other parts of the body can become too high.  Since our kidneys are responsible for helping keep blood levels of uric acid balanced, kidney problems can lead to excessive accumulation of uric acid in various parts of the body. Excessive breakdown of cells can also cause uric acid build-up. Other foods that are high in purine are: Beef, bacon, cow tongue, chicken, pork, rabbit, turkey, veal…and the list goes on. There are also some foods that we would never think of such as:  Asparagus, lima beans and lentils.  My body told me to stop eating meats and fish, and my joint problems disappeared. I have no problem with lima beans and lentils. Listen to your own body talk.

It’s when uric acid accumulates, uric acid crystals (called monosodium urate crystals) can become deposited in our tendons, joints, kidneys, and other organs. This accumulation of uric acid crystals is called gouty arthritis, gout, or simply – as I say “stiff, achy joints.”

You don’t have to be diagnosed with gout to know that your joints hurt. I never was. I simply found it very hard getting out of bed in the morning, or getting up from a sitting or lying position. I felt like I was trapped in a 90 year old unhealthy body. Our body talks to us, we don’t always need a doctor’s diagnosis – well, at least, I don’t. The important thing, as I previously said, is that we listen to our body talk, and educate ourselves on these health conditions.

My other favorite commercial is one that I see on heartburn. It’s a rather large man who claims he got heart burn after breakfast and his medication takes so long to work that before he knows it, he will be on to his ‘mexican food dinner’ and will have heartburn all over again. So the pitch is for medication that takes action fast, and lasts longer. Ok.. how about NOT EATING MEXICAN FOOD for dinner tonight!? This guy, like many, wants to keep eating his disagreeable food, yet wants instant relief. Ok..well, fine, but take heartburn medication everyday, or any medication everyday, and you’ll be dealing with other issues.

It’s really simple – it really is. Food HEALS, and it also prevents.

I highly suggest giving the ME-gan Lifestyle the 30 day challenge. Great health is waiting!

Natural healing love to you!