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When I first changed my eating habits, all I wanted was better health. I got it! I found better health by going gluten free and found complete health becoming ME-gan. Giving up meat and fish made a huge positive impact on my joints. Oh how I remember the days of ‘limping’ around after rising up from a sitting or lying position. I don’t have that problem anymore. The truth is, I don’t have a lot of problems that I used to have. I am like a whole new person. Even my Raynaud’s symptoms disappeared within weeks of my diet & lifestyle change. Millions of individuals are afflicted with connective tissue disorders such as Raynaud’s and others.

Diet plays a MAJOR part in our health. There’s no two ways about it. Who doesn’t already know that? We’ve all heard it, some of us have experienced it first hand, and I’m sure we all realize the truth it holds. Stress is also a killer. But if we don’t know that by now, we never will. This is all old news, but somehow we either ignore it or for some reason choose to rationalize our behavior so that we can exempt ourselves from necessary ‘change.’

Change is not easy, especially change to our diet and overall lifestyle. But what is easy in life? You can’t expect change without creating change.

If a person is healthy, vibrant and happy, then I would say to them “keep on doing what you’re doing.” But that’s not the situation with the majority of Americans. I realize that we don’t learn from other people’s experiences; if we did, I’m sure it would save a lot of heartbreak and heartache, but that doesn’t mean that we should not share our experiences with others. I believe in sharing the wealth, and if people want to walk away with a piece of it then great, and if not, well then…God bless them.

Are you pulsating with life? Are you happy and healthy? If not, then just know that your life is not over, unless you ‘will’ it to be over. Change is waiting for you – reach out and grab it!

I’m here to tell you that by changing the way I used to eat, getting rid of the stress that used to consume me, and by embracing an all new outlook on life, health and physicality issues, I saved my own life. You can accept a diagnosis if you want; you can accept ailments if you want; you can accept negativity if you want; you can accept obesity if you want….get the message?…. or you can renounce it all, and move on.

I say move on and start living! Take the first step by reading The ME-gan Lifestyle! Available now, on this blog, by clicking on the “Mary’s Book” tab.

Love, happiness and health to you!