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What possibly could the ME-gan Lifestyle have in common with such great things coming straight from Italy? The answer is easy; great flavors, great aromas, fun preparation, family, health and more!

My dad’s family comes from a  town in Sicily, just south of Messina, called “Fiumedinisi.” The name of the village derives from Latin Flumen Dionisii, that means river of Dionysus, god of wine in the ‘Greek pagan’ religion, and refers to the swollen stream present there.

The Land Of My Father, Fiumedinisi.

Our name, Sparacino, happens to be one of the top 10 sur names for Sicily; perhaps because we are the best chefs, using lots of olive oil and drinking lots of wine! 🙂

The Italians live it up. Life, to them, is all about La Famiglia, good times, good food, good drink and making memories to last a lifetime. The Italians see life as good and robust, just as the pastas, olive oils, and wines are. How amazing that such inspiration comes from the land that the Boot of Italy kicked away!

Being raised in this big Sicilian Italian family of mine, I have learned some simple tricks of the kitchen, turning ‘scarcity’ into a STRENGTH!  It’s all about creativity, which happens to mold perfectly with the ME-gan Lifestyle.

Give me some garden veggies, herbs, olive oil, and I can basically conjure something, as one might say, out of nothing! It’s truly not so much poverty as it is invention!

When we think of Italian food, we often think of Spaghetti and Meatballs, Lasagna, Chicken Cacciatore and other mouth-watering, yet…fatening foods. But wait…there’s more! Let’s take Insalata Estiva Di Patate for instance, potato salad with tomatoes, carrots and olives, or Dried Fava And Potato Puree With Dandelion Greens (Fava beans are hearty and healthy. Many Italians believe that the dandelion green calms the stomach). These are simple dishes, yet healthy, flavorsome, and appetizing.

While every Italian region has its classic dishes, it’s also common to improvise. This is what the ME-gan Lifestyle teaches. Get creative, don’t be afraid and most of all have fun in the kitchen!

The ME-gan lifestyle still eats pasta, it’s just gluten free pasta; there’s still bread, bagels and pastries to enjoy, but they’re all gluten free, dairy & egg free. It puts a whole new twist on incredibly delicious! Don’t let your misconceptions or fears keep you from trying this, because once you do you’ll wish you’d had started long ago.

It’s flavor without the fats and cholesterol. It’s guilt free, and you’ll know that you’re eating far better than you ever did before. Tastes, flavors, aromas, and beauty all wrapped up Italian style into the ME-gan Lifestyle. What more could you ask for?

Whatever your preference is, Italian, Irish, German, Southern Comfort, you name it… it’s all happening right here; imbibe yourself into the ME-gan Lifestyle.  You won’t find it elsewhere.

Grab a fork and dig in!

Simply amazing love to you……


P.S. I always use my own photo’s in my blog, Lee prefers to grab his from the images on the internet. However, in this one case, I did not have a photo of Fiumedinisi, so I did take it from the internet images.  Just keeping things real!  🙂