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I thought I’d pass on some valuable information. This article comes from Dr. Andrew Weil. Read up….


Gluten intolerance and celiac disease share some common symptoms, particularly those involving the gastrointestinal tract.

However, unlike celiac disease, no immune response is involved in gluten intolerance. Thus, someone with gluten intolerance does not suffer any intestinal villi damage and its related complications (such as malnutrition). Blood tests for celiac antibodies are also negative for individuals with gluten-intolerance.

Similarly,wheat allergy is also not an autoimmune disease. Like other food allergies, symptoms of wheat allergies often occur rapidly when wheat is inadvertently ingested. But once the allergen is removed or when anti-histamines are given in time, these symptoms will usually resolve quickly with little risk of long-term complications or damage. That isn’t to say that wheat allergy is not dangerous; it can be life-threatening in some people. But the nature of wheat allergy and celiac disease are completely different.

However, despite their differences, the treatment for gluten intolerance, wheat allergy and celiac disease is similar, and that is, a strict adherence to a gluten-free, or in the case of wheat allergy, a wheat-free diet.


Although I found this to be interesting reading, especially since I myself cannot tolerate gluten, I have to ask…how important is it to know the difference between these? Maybe to some, quite important. But the way I see it, if eliminating gluten makes your symptoms disappear then what more do you need to know? In my case, the bottom line is that when I went gluten free, I felt 100% better, and that’s a whole lot more than any doctor ever came close to doing for me.

Good health is not far away, but it takes much attention and care on our part. We need to start listening to our bodies closely. Watch for reactions after you eat, and start narrowing things down. Begin doing your own research – knowledge is your best weapon. I bet you’ll become your own best doctor in no time.

Get on the path to better health today!

Gluten free love!