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If you saw an article entitled the above, what would you think? Would you be curious to see what the author had to write, or would you toss it aside thinking it had to be a bunch of crap?

I, for one, am on the side that food heals. There’s no doubt about it. I and many, many others have our very own personal testimonies to be shared. Diseases and illnesses, as serious as cancer, have been cured. These healings do not happen everyday, but nonetheless they DO happen. I love to read these encouraging testimonies, and learn all that I can. Plus, it keeps faith, hope and positivity in our hearts and minds, which they alone expedite the healing process!

Lee just found a great article that provided 12 steps to save America! I found it to be great reading with great points.

We are all free to make our own choices, therefore we can choose to be positive and take action with our own lives; doing what we can to be the best that we can be, or we can simply choose to be negative, turning our heads away from health, healing and true happiness.

I hope you choose HEALING!

Positive love,