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There’s no need to fret for me, I will feast on fabulous, sensational foods such as; salad, squash, beans, yams & sweet potatoes, nuts and fruits…it’s a feast of choice!

The only dilemma I face is narrowing it down enough so not to make a gluten out of myself. It’s all good, but I certainly can’t have it all!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, not only for the food but for the togetherness of friends and family. A lot of time goes into preparation for the big Thanksgiving day meal, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself too!

For those who will be eating turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and so on…you know, the traditional style meal, I only have one thing to say – Enjoy!

I choose not to eat that way, and  my body is in optimal health. I have chosen guilt free eating, inspired by God, and I must say..

 It is the way to go!

We can only make decisions like these when we are faced with the realization that change is necessary.

When I started living the ME-gan lifestyle, my joints were no longer stiff and achy, my migraines went away, my skin problems went away, my lethargy went away, my Raynaud’s went away, my intestinal and digestive problems went away, and more! It truly does matter what you put into your body; food, drink, medication…it all makes a difference. Stress, of course, is a huge factor too, and making the ultimate decision of creating positive change in my life & keeping the negative out, combined with changing my eating habits, led me back to the person I used to be, the person I am meant to be – a happy and healthy ME!

So, when I am asked “what are you going to eat for Thanksgiving?” I smile and say “PLENTY.”

What will YOU be eating for Thanksgiving?

Thankful love to you!