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At one of the lowest times in my life (yes, there were more than one, but this particular one)…I seriously didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, or if tomorrow would even come for me.

I was unhappy in more ways than one should ever experience. My children, who love me dearly, were definitely not getting the best from me, and suffered in their own way from seeing me severely unhappy and unhealthy; and my family who also loved me (mom, brothers, sisters…), were 2000 miles away & could not do a thing to help me. My life was going down the toilet.

Although it took years of prayer before my life finally changed, and positive change took over, I had experienced miracles everyday during my low time, without even realizing it. It’s clear to me now that the mere fact that I never lost faith, never completely gave up, never abandoned myself, my children and God, is a miracle in itself.

It was a long and winding road, and quite a long story to tell. By the grace of God, and finally realizing that change had to begin with ME, I was able to move on.

Things You Never Knew Existed, Do!

I always told myself

I will survive

and I did!  I have come to love and appreciate life – my life. I’ve learned about things that I never new existed; from TRUE LOVE to AMAZING vegetables! I enjoy living the ME-gan Lifestyle so much, that I want to scream it from the highest mountain! Taking control is not always easy, but when you harness it, there is no letting go. It’s addicting and invigorating!

In order to move ahead, you can’t be fixated on the past. Set your goals, know what you need to do, and do it. Don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.

Give your mind, body and soul the food it needs; and this includes spiritual food as well! Keep out the junk that it doesn’t need. Be all that you can be.

This post is dedicated to someone I love VERY, VERY MUCH! ME-gan Love!