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The answer…well, I don’t want to make it too easy, so let’s take a closer look at each of them.  This huge leaf came from a proud old tree that stands in the park across the street from the home of Mary’s mother, Jackie,  in Washington, D.C.  That tree is at least 100 years old and has served the community well by providing shade, a home for the birds and squirrels and as another source of beauty in the neighborhood.  Mother Nature is, without question, the greatest artist on this planet earth.  This particular leaf has spent the entire spring and summer here and now that we are deep into fall, it has taken the final step and floated to the ground to rest on top of the many other leaves from that same tree.

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You can see how large it is by the silver circle on top of it…a United States Of America minted Quarter.  That leaf is truly as large as a baseball glove!

So, what do these two seemingly disparate objects have in common?  Well, the leaf has been crafted with incredible features, such as a honeycomb series of chambers that allow it to defy gravity and hold its shape on the tree without collapsing.  The beauty in the shape and fall colors were painted by Mother Nature that was guided by the hand of God.  We live in the belief and trust that each year that old tree will bring forth another lush crop of perfectly shaped leaves for another season of service to all.  So, the answer to the original question…What Does A Fall Leaf & A Quarter Have In Common? – The Quarter, which is mined from copper and silver deep in the earth, proclaims our faith in its’ value with the words “In God We Trust,” and the annual journey of the leaf validates those very words.

Let me conclude by saying that the ME-gan lifestyle also places our trust in God, allowing us to be nurtured and healedl.

Fall Love…from our nation’s capital.  Mary will be back tomorrow!

Lee Bortel