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After having a ME-ganly BOO-LICIOUS salad tonight… off we were to our old neighborhood…that’s right, my brother Matty and I were stepping back in time for a Halloween treat!

It’s quite a long story, but basically we went back to the house and neighborhood where Matty was born and I attended kindergarten (I was a couple of years older). The GHOULISH thing about this neighborhood is that there are several houses where either the parents or their children, who were there in the 70’s, are STILL there today! Imagine that! I simply can’t fathom what it would be like to live in the same house for 40 some years, serious? Oh my… it must be pretty cool!

So tonight we visited Jon Jakeway, whose father owned the home we lived in back then. When we moved out, Jon moved in (something like that).  And let me tell you about Jon…he goes all out on Halloween!  He’s addicted to decorating and doing the whole BOO thing!!

 It’s  F – R – I – G – H – T -E – N – I – N – G!!!

We had the best time!  Jon had us hiding behind the “veil from beyond” with him and a few other friends, and we had a BOOOO-FUL TIME! Jon had over 200 trick-or-treaters!  That neighborhood was the BOMB!  I’m so glad we went back!  Thanks for a great time Jon!

Here are some GHOULISH pictures to look at…just be warned…they’re quite scary!! MUHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA!!!

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Happy Halloween……

Scary Mary