I recently read that all illness stems from stress. My immediate reaction was RIGHT ON! You know why? Because I love when I read articles that re-affirm what I already know and believe! See, I have often expressed that very thing to others.

Stress is a very ugly demon and complicated as well. We are all uniquely affected by circumstances and situations. What affects me, may not affect you and vice versa. Sure, finances, relationships, health…these are all very obvious stressors, but there are many more.

What about deep-rooted emotions, for example; anger, hostility, hurt feelings and many others that we tend to harbor and allow to fester inside us? These all create stress, both mentally and physically, that we may not even realize. It’s human nature to want to strike back, get revenge, or just to simply stew in our bitter, unforgiveness. Much is said about forgiveness in The Holy Bible, and it’s meant for a reason, for us! It’s not easy to forgive, but when we don’t, we are hurting ourselves the most. Not only does God require forgiveness but our health depends on it. Take it from me, stress will deteriorate your health.

Lee’s grandma, Florence, used to say

A fish wouldn’t get caught if it kept its mouth shut

"We should have listened to grandma!"

Maybe that’s a lesson for the other end of the spectrum – we wouldn’t need to ask for forgiveness if we’d keep our mouths shut in the first place. LOL!  Ya think?

Physiologically speaking, the effects of stress can result in change or damage to many organs, to name a few:

  • adrenal glands
  • thyroid hormone
  • arterial blood pressure
  • sex organ functioning
  • breast milk

Forgiveness is a great release and a sure way to start regaining your health. Free yourself and heal your body. Stop holding your heart captive, release it and let your energy flow.

Forgiveness and health go hand in hand…they really do. Find forgiveness in your heart, and start feeling better today! The less stress, the less mess.

Forgiving love!