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Although our eating habits play a major part in our overall health, happiness & well-being, there is still more to it than that. What about our drinking habits, our smoking habits, and any medications we may take?

We must take into consideration that even though certain beers and alcohol are ok to drink in the ME-gan Lifestyle, we cannot make it part of our daily regimen. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and forget that years on down the road certain habits like smoking and drinking (not to mention drugs and medication) can cause premature aging as well as potentially serious health issues.

Alcohol causes bloating, and also red face (flushing) due to enlargement of the blood vessels. Drinking also dehydrates the skin which can cause dryness and wrinkling. All this can occur with 2 drinks a day (which most people consider not to be more than social drinking). If casual drinking turns into alcoholism than more serious damage can be done such as liver damage. Perhaps try filling your glass with lemon water, or even non-alcoholic wine or beer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find yourself equally happy and having a great time without the booze and its short & long term side effects.

Smoking can cause unwanted ugly lines around our mouth and other facial areas, as well as staining our teeth to a dark, not so attractive color – gross! Smoking is also very bad for circulation, so needless to say it makes things worse for anyone with autoimmune disorders. No matter how you slice it, it’s a nasty, very unhealthy habit. And why would we want all this? Next time you reach for a cigarette, think about your life and imagine what condition you’ll be in a few years from now. Try eating a celery or carrot stick instead, and take a nice long, brisk walk with plenty of water to drink along the way.

It’s not preaching, it’s common sense folks.


Get rolling and lead your life in a new direction!

We are often told by the experts to start quitting our bad habits a little at a time. That’s fine, but what’s wrong with plunging into it and changing overnight? Quit cold turkey and move on with your life! I did it, I harnessed change overnight and I’m proud of it! I feel so much better all around. It seems to me that we are constantly told we are not able to do such ‘great’ things, but I’m not buying it anymore. We are all capable of doing what our heart desires. So if we are constantly finding ourselves doing the minimal to achieve better health habits it’s because our heart is not into it.

I suggest taking a long, hard look at yourself; look at where you are now, and where you want to be. How bad do you want change in your life? How bad do you need change in your life? Find the answers within and then press on. Don’t believe that you are less than you are, because it’s simply not true! What you must believe is that you can climb mountains you never dreamed of!

The ME-gan lifestyle is about positive change and finding the will to change within. It’s between God and you, no one else. Once you make up your mind to get on with life the healthy way, as God intended, you will find great things are waiting for you. Regaining our health is a sure way to lose our dependency on medication. Life is happening, be a part of it!

Live, love and be happy & healthy!

Guilt free living love to you.