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I remember as a kid growing up my family would love to take walks, especially after dinner. This was such nice quality time together; we could all be together and take things slow…just walk’n & talk’n.

Me and my sister would love to take walks. We’d walk to the creek, down the bike path and other places. I guess as kids we knew a walk would be exciting, never knowing what we would find or see.

It seems to me that today people tend to do speed walking more than just a casual walk. Exercise is one thing, but try slowing it down just a tad and awaken your senses with beauty that will pop out at you – not to mention the great talks to be shared along the way with friends and family. If you don’t feel like talking, and need to be alone for a while, then take a walk by yourself, listen to your inner being and be one with nature!

Fall is a great time for these walks. The air is brisk and the leaves are colorful; it’s all so breathtaking.  It may sound simple, but I truly believe we get so caught up in day to day stuff, we forget the simple things in life that bring us such beauty and healing.

Take time for yourself and take a nice peaceful walk today! Hopefully you’ll find some beauty along the way.

Here are some pics from our walk yesterday, it was very nice!

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Here’s to awakening our senses! Let the ME-gan lifestyle lead the way.