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Life is more than eating and sleeping! Sure, those things do recharge our battery, but still…what do we do when we have a full charge? I always say life is for living, so live – and that’s exactly what we need to do. Go for a walk, stop and smell flowers, observe the beauty that nature has provided us here among this earth. Some times a big red rose is right there saying…


to us, and it’s hard for us to miss it, yet other times we may have to look a little harder to see a smaller, yet majestic, glorious little bud patiently waiting to be noticed and adored. Everything and everyone wants and needs attention.

There are so many facets to life and living. If we are stuck in our ways, and don’t get out much we are certain to miss out.  Broaden your perspective, define your beliefs and find the conviction inside yourself to get on with life. Don’t let living pass you by; after all, time does have a way of slipping through our hands.

Here’s a rose for you…may you find your own today.  If you do, be sure and stop, smell and admire it. The time you take to do this may change your entire life.

Ciao Bella,