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I once said to my husband that I don’t see myself the way other people do because I look through my eyes, not into them. Lee thought that was so ‘deep,’ and then I told him how I have always been that way.

When I was a kid I went through a stage where I was obsessed with wondering if other people saw things the way I did. I could not comprehend that they saw the same thing through their own eyes. You know what they say…show 10 different people the same thing, and they’ll all describe it differently – how true it is! I think our memories run a close race with this concept. Have you ever compared past stories and walked down memory lane with close friends and family? You can bet, all accounts turn up different; it is all so mesmerizing isn’t it?

Whenever I pass an old home, I look at the windows and imagine all the people who have looked out that window, and what they saw. I have always been retrospective and have tied the past to the present.

Life, it’s all so interesting to me. Intriguing as it may be to look back it’s important to know that we can’t move forward if we live in the past. So go ahead, look back, laugh, reflect, tell stories and then move on.

Life is happening, and we must all play a part. It would be quite sad to only be a spectator and not a player. If you’re not living, or quit living some time ago, then it’s time to start.

Live, love and be happy & healthy – live the ME-gan lifestyle.

Retrospective love,