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We are up in beautiful Gettysburg today; the ride up was so colorful. This week the fall foliage will be at its peak. It’s so amazing! My brother Matt has some logs on the fire pit and it’s all so relaxing and breathtaking! We’ve got Serious Radio on, and the trap shooting machine is being set up; oh what fun we’ll have shooting clay discs! Ahhh..the country life – what’s better?

Tonight we are having yet another ME-ganlicious meal! I call it Persian Eggplant – I need to learn how to make this one.  It’s eggplant stuffed with fresh tomatoes, sauteed onions, chick peas, parsley and lemon juice, then sauteed. The smell of these are incredible; if anything will make your mouth water and your taste buds jump, it’s these!

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Life is good folks- couldn’t ask for much more than this. My sister’s farmhouse here in Gettysburg has been in the family for 30 years. All our kids have grown up here…there are many,  many memories. I look out into the field and still see my dad riding the tractor! Those were the days!

See, life is precious, and the LORD is good, so let’s all be happy and healthy and live life to the fullest! There’s 19 acres to walk up here, and I don’t think I could do it if I was overweight and suffering from ailments (as I previously was). Eating healthy is crucial, but it’s also delicious! So get on the good foot and ME-gan up!

Here’s some pics – enjoy!

Foliage love,