No, not me…although I’ve been called a sweet dumpling many times, I’m talking about the squash!

I was eating squash in Arizona and I’m enjoying them here in the D.C. area too. I’m in squash heaven! Yesterday I baked a sweet dumpling and it was DEE-LISH! I was surprised when a couple people said they didn’t know you could actually eat these, they thought they were just ornamental. So, to their surprise, they had a tasty treat.

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Like most squash, these too are very simple to prepare. I wash them first, since I eat the skin – it’s tender and good. I don’t cut and remove the seeds prior to baking; simply put them in the oven whole. Bake at 375 for an hour, they should be a nice golden color. Slice and enjoy warm, removing the seeds from the center when you get to them.

Squash, squash, BE-GOSH – eat’em while you can.  Fall will be around for a while, so enjoy!

Sweet dumpling love,