This evening, Mary will step back into time to visit many friends and familiar faces that she has not seen in many years at her High School Reunion in Rockville, Maryland.  Thanks to computer technology and Facebook, she has been able to locate and stay in touch with a few members of her “old posse”  and there will be many more tonight!  She is glad that she became a ME-gan many, many months ago, since she is slimmer and trimmer now! As for me, I can hardly wait to see if any of her old boy friends will be there!  Either way, it’s all part of life and living, so let’s all have a good time. Ironically, my class reunion is tonight too, but it is half way across the country,  so we will give our regards over the phone.  There is no Skype on the road with us, so voice only will do just fine.

I know many of many of her friends are very curious about her new lifestyle and anxious to hear more.  Mary will have pictures and stories to share tomorrow.

Here’s to old friends and a new page in life by eating more healthy…the ME-gan way!

Have a great weekend!