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The other night some of our friends had a little dinner party and through in a Bon Voyage celebration for Lee and I who are soon leaving the desert here and spending some time back East in the Washington, D.C. area – ahhh…cool October weather! It will be great to see my mom and the rest of my family and friends.

At this little soiree the other night I was so surprised that everyone had brought something ME-gan! Herb actually put the cutest label on the delicious dish he made, it said “ME-GAN’S ONLY!” I was so happy to see that. It made my night. Alyce made her BOMB salad – it was amazing. She’s the salad queen. Besides the meat for those who eat it, there was tofu, lots of vegetables for skewering on the grill, and a red pepper hummus dip that was so yummy served with a crudité. I was in heaven…so much great food for us to eat. Lee and I brought spaghetti squash with marinara sauce, Italian style goolash, and sautéed tofu. Great food, great drinks, great friends and great times! Questo è il buono vive!

Health is # 1 – because without it you can’t live and enjoy life. So I promote eating healthy and exercising. But what we all must remember is that no matter what you choose to eat, it’s important for friends and family to sit down to the dinner table and eat together every now and then. Spend time with those you care about because the world can be a lonely place without friends and family. Lee and I are blessed to have both.

Here are a few pics from the other night… I hope you enjoy looking at them. ME-gan food is healthy and delicious; I hope you all join in and come on along!

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Salutare agli amici e alla famiglia! Cheers to friends and family!