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We’ve probably all seen that show “If Walls Could Talk,” right? Where people buy these historic homes, renovate them and then find all sorts of buried treasures, artifacts, legal documents, personal belongings & letters, and strange items that no one can place. But, they all add up to the ‘STORY,’ the true story of what has taken place within and about these walls.  Wherever you are standing in an old homestead, whether inside or outside you are in the exact same place where people many, many years before you lived, loved, laughed, cried and died.

I look back at a house my dad bought when I was about 7 years old, the house then was 50 years old and already had a story to be told. Today when I go back to that neighborhood, the house is still there, freshly painted and a young family lives there. Do they have any idea about what took place in that house not 5, 10, or even 20 years ago, but 40, 50, and more years ago? It’s almost eerie when you actually sit down and think about it. I’d take an old home over a new home any day. I love stories, I love history! History is not about dates and wars, it’s about layers. History is measured in layers; layers of lives, people who lived and occupied the very same spot you are standing on. Whether there were little children playing, young lovers, ladies talking to each other, or even where animals walked, butterflies flew, and bees buzzed…point being – it all happened right THERE. In the house I referenced earlier, some of my fondest memories took place in that very back yard. Family cookouts, aunts and uncles came over and sat in the backyard with my parents and had their adult time, while us kids played around the yard with our cousins. Oh…yes, if walls could talk, if anything from the past could talk – what would it say?

The picture of this old rusty water trough has a story to it. We visited it 2 weeks ago while in Ohio. It is over one hundred years old and still stands adjacent to a hand pump that draws cool, pure water from an old well.  Behind the bushes a log cabin from the early 1800s stood for over 150 years. Many people, through many decades, have stood on that exact spot. Prior to the log cabin, this was a documented site of a Native American village and there are many arrow heads and artifacts that have been found there to validate that story. The significance to me and my husband (Lee) is that his grandfather used to own that land and actually died there. He walked that ground as did the early settlers and as did the Native American Indians for hundreds of years. Whenever we see an old building or structure, we can only hope that others do not  look upon it as worthless and out of date, but rather reflect on the people who lived and loved the most precious years of their lives there – on that very spot that they now stand and breathe.

With all this said, let me just say this

Don’t blink, life may pass you by!

Life is too precious to waste on frivolous fads and trinkets of vanity, it is about living a quality life that is shared with those you love and those who love you for as long as possible. The foundation to that belief is a faith in God and taking responsibility for your own health and happiness. It all starts with the people with whom you choose to associate and the interaction with them that will lift you up to a higher plane of understanding with a loving and positive heart.

If you’re living to eat, and not living to live, then you’re missing out on life. Take complete control of your life in all areas and with special attention to the food you choose to eat and the foods you have the discipline to not eat. To truly enjoy and live life to its fullest, you must be healthy and happy. Life is short, get the most out of it, by putting more into it. The ME-gan Lifestyle is customized by you and for you. Let’s all pay homage to those who walked these same steps before us, and to our journey through this precious gift called life!