I finally made my ME-gan friendly pumpkin pie – yeah! It tasted great and had a ‘custard’ feel to it more than traditional pumpkin pie. I’m going to try a few more recipes, but for a first time attempt, this was dee-lish! My daughter Maria doesn’t normally like traditional pumpkin pie, but she loved this – so that must say something! Here are some pics for you to enjoy – I even took one of the pie upside down after it cooled, so you could see how pretty the crust turned out.

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When it came out of the oven, it was dark and kind of looked like a chocolate pie. I guess that’s because I didn’t use cream and all that stuff that you would normally put into pumpkin pie. The crust was delicious, and very simple to make; white rice flour, shortening and water. For the filling, I used organic pumpkin, sugar, corn starch, seasonings and almond milk. My daughter, Amanda, suggested I try coconut milk next time – good idea!

Fall and the upcoming holidays wouldn’t be the same without pumpkin pie; it’s good to know that you can ME-ganize just about any recipe!

Pumpkin love,