Hominy is one food that I have very rarely eating in my life. As a kid, I remember once or twice seeing my dad fry it up.  Once I moved to Arizona, I became more familiar with it. They serve it here in a soup called Menudo. I hear that soup is excellent for hangovers. I would never eat that soup though; it has stomach of the cow in it – gross. I didn’t eat it before, and I certainly wouldn’t eat it now. I do appreciate, however, that it is a delicacy to others. Hey – whatever floats your boat, right?

I’m really big on broadening your horizons as far as healthy, whole food goes. Step out of your daily, ordinary comfort zone and try new things. Most likely you’ll need to research and locate farmer’s markets on your own, but once  you do, I’m sure you’ll be glad. Learning about new foods is fun, and experimenting with them is even more enjoyable and entertaining. It’s great to sit down and enjoy & taste the fruits of your own labor. There’s so much more available for us to try than meats, dairy, egg, and gluten filled foods! Fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, legumes, gluten free grains – they’re all a gift from Mother Nature, just waiting for you to experience them.

I spotted a can of hominy in the store and thought to myself “Hmm, I should try that,” so I did. When it came time to cook it, I realized I had no idea what to do with it. I wasn’t going to make Pazole or Medudo – what could I do? I thought, if I can fry corn, I can certainly fry hominy, so that’s what I did. My creative juices started flowing. As I was frying the hominy, I added in mixed vegetables, pesto, pinto beans and some sweet red jalapeno mix. Let me tell you, this little impromptu dish was amazing! Even my daughter Maria loved it, and she’s a finicky eater.

Today, for breakfast, I used the leftovers from the hominy dish and mixed it in with homemade hash browns – another delicious meal just thrown together, using what I had on hand.

Get creative, stay healthy, and be happy!

Life is short – get the most out of it. Try new things.

Creative love,