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Today my 4th grandson, Antonio James, made his entrance into the world. Congratulations to my son Nathan, and his beautiful wife Virginia! May their life be long, and their family blessed by God! They say he takes after the ‘Sparacino’ side of the family, which is my father’s side. My brother Micaele, wrote a very nice synopsis about how Antonio is the most prominent name on the Sparacino Ancestral tree. I will include the write up below. Thank you brother Micaele!

Antonio is the most prominent name on the Sparacino Ancestral tree.  The first Sparacino, who was a Roman Senator at the time of Julius Caesar (probably one of those senators who assassinated Caesar on the Floor of the Senate), was named Antonio Romano Sparacino. He built his Villa in Fiumedinisi, Sicily, and there began the Sicilian branch of the Sparacino Family. As I said, Antonio is the most prominent name among the Sparacini. In our family alone, our grandfather was Joseph Anthony (Giuseppe Antonio).  Three of his sons bore that name also.  Joseph Anthony (Uncle Joe), Anthony Joseph (Uncle Tony, whose son is named Anthony Joseph), and our father, James Anthony, whose second son is named Joseph Anthony.  So you see there are many men who bear the name of Anthony in our immediate family alone. James (Gioachino) is also a prominent name.  Our father is a James, I bear that name as does Cindy’s son and Josh’s new son who is James David.  So now we can welcome yet another James, Antonio James, into the family…A real cause for celebration.  And as the Italians often say when making a toast at a celebration like this one: “A la famiglia…Cent’anni!”   To the family…a hundred years!

Celebrate Life, Celebrate Family, Praise God, and keep Love in your heart!

Uncle Micaele

My son Nathan has served in both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and recently returned home from Afghanistan. He will hold his baby in his arms for the first time on this Thursday, Sept. 22nd! What a glorious day that will be for him. Lee and I will be able to visit them this coming Sunday, and are excited beyond words! Babies are truly a gift from God, and the most precious things on this earth.

I used to joke with my kids and tell them that I would not be called ‘grandma,’ but rather ‘Aunt Mary.’ However, after grandbaby # 1 arrived, I proudly accepted the title.

So here’s to Virginia…great job carrying & delivering our little Antonio. You’ll be a wonderful mom! Congrats to my son, whom I look forward to watching grow into a dedicated and loving father!

Welcome Antonio James! You are yet another reason to live the ME-gan lifestyle and to stay healthy – we want to be around a long time to watch you grow and teach you much! 🙂


Grandma Mary and Paw-Paw Lee