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Oh man, didn’t I just post before and after pictures of Lee and I only weeks ago? Just when I thought I had found the worst of the before pictures, I had to go and open a drawer. Never open drawers! LOL! There they were… more FAT PICTURES shoved way far back. I’m just wondering why I didn’t burn them instead of pushing them to the back of a drawer. Did I think they’d go away? My gosh, they are incredible! The good thing is that Lee & I can look at these pictures and know that it’s all in the past. Thanks to the ME-gan lifestyle, we have changed our entire outlook on life and food. We respect ourselves now and most of all we have put ourselves first. If we don’t, who will? Loving others is one thing, relying on them is another. We’ve learned to rely on no one but ourselves when it comes to our health. It’s all about taking control of your life. I’ll take the lead in my life thank you!

There’s a joke about three moles.  Father, mother and baby mole. One morning Father mole woke up and stuck his head out of the hole, took a look around, sniffed a few times and hollered back down into the hole “I smell pancakes.” Then Mother mole came up with father mole, sticking her head & nose out, she too looked & sniffed around, and then says “M-m-m, I smell bacon.” Baby mole tried to come up and see what all the excitement was about, but she couldn’t quite fit, so she screams as loud as she can to father and mother mole “All I smell is MOL-ASSES!”  Ha-ha! I laugh every time I hear that joke! Get up there and be leader not a follower. As Lee likes to say “If you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes!”

Yep, Lee and I are in the lead now both taking control of our lives – well, that is God and us! We’re moving on. I never liked mol-asses anyway! Bigger, brighter and better days are ahead! The past is the past, and it’s going to stay there! I’m going to post a couple CRAZY ‘past’ pictures of Lee and I. If anything at all,  it’s acknowledgement of how a little hard work pays off! I’ll throw in ‘after’ pictures too, I just have to!

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Change is good. Actually, it’s GREAT! Embrace it and find the new you!

Ever changing love for you,

Mary – xoxo