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Have  you ever heard of the workout guy, Gilad? I just love him. I’ve been doing his workout off and on for YEARS. The first time was after my 1st child was born.  Gosh, I was only 20 yrs. old. I had gained about 50 lbs during pregnancy. Working out to Gilad every day at nap time paid off, I was back down to my normal weight in just weeks – honestly. Thank goodness I had the motivation to look & feel good, as well as the time and energy to actually do it.

When I was back down to normal weight, the DVD (in the early days it was a VHS tape!) got put away. Over the years, it would only come out when I felt the need to lose weight or tone my body. Today I started a 1 month challenge, working out each day to Gilad’s DVD – Beginners Weight Loss & Toning Program. Don’t let the ‘beginners’ part fool you to think it doesn’t make you sweat, because it does. Hopefully I will reap some great results! Hey…my 30 yr. reunion is coming up, I have to look good. Ha-ha-ha!

Losing weight; being healthy; looking & feeling great…. they all take effort on your behalf. If you’ve been looking for something to do in the privacy of your own home vs. joining a gym, pick up an exercise DVD. Why pay the high prices of a gym? You have to start somewhere and somehow – try GILAD!

Here’s to working out! Give your blood some oxygen and see how your body responds!