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Two of my favorite shows growing up were I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched. I would often try (when no one was watching) to snap my fingers or twitch my nose, hoping that whatever it was I was wishing for would come true. It never did. I was never able to make things move or appear. Sadly enough, I could never wave my hand and have my room clean in 2 seconds. But the funny thing is, I kept trying. I never gave up until I out grew that stage. How funny is that!

Today I spent over 3 hours in the kitchen just prepping for homemade chili, and baking a homemade ME-gan carrot cake. I’m having my daughters over tonight to celebrate my oldest daughter’s birthday. Natalie turned 28 on September 11. Hard to believe. Oh if I had that bewitching power, I could have had it all done and cleaned up in a jiffy.

Prepping vegetables takes time. Washing, peeling, chopping, dicing, slicing and mincing! The price for a good home cooked meal is a little hard work. I certainly don’t mind, after all…when hasn’t a little hard work ever paid off?

In today’s world of instant gratification, a lot of people are addicted to immediate service. They are addicted to restaurants. Food is prepared and served to you. No dishes or mess for you to cleanup.  Even if I had the money to go out and eat every day, I wouldn’t. I love cooking, and I love sitting down to a home cooked meal. My guess is that home cooked meals are preferred, but some people don’t know how to cook or they don’t have the time. Well, I guess I could throw in… “just plain lazy!” Ha-ha! It’s certainly more convenient to eat out; just snap your fingers and call on “Garson” for this or that.

The only finger snapping I do is to music while I’m cooking! Ah, the house smells good, and I feel good when the people who eat my food are delightfully pleased!

Eating well takes a little participation on your behalf. You need to shop for and cook your own food. Make it fun, and enjoy. Become the best you can be at it, and then be proud of yourself for taking charge of your life.

Remember, you can’t have something for nothing. You want health? Take control and don’t be afraid of a little hard work!

Here’s to a night of fun, good food and more memories! I can’t wait!