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Greetings from Mary’s husband..Lee!

Mary is working on her soon to be released book, so I am pleased to fill-in for her to help kick off the weekend!

I happened to meet a woman today and we got into a conversation about gluten.  She was well aware of the subject and said that she could relate because her husband had been diagnosed as celiac about a year ago.  We began to exchange stories that matched to the smallest detail.  We both prefer to prepare our own food at home, as a couple, and enjoy cooking together as a team than to eat at a restaurant that is not fully familiar with the gluten-free needs of customers.

We also talked about how her husband had suffered for years, but once he went “gluten-free” his symptoms disappeared.  We discussed how others do not seem to grasp the fact that even a small mistake of eating any food that contains gluten can create a great deal of discomfort.  They seem to think…”Awwh, it’s just this one time, on a special occasion, what’s the harm?”  Well, we all know that there is a great deal of “harm” in just a small amount of gluten ingested into the body, especially when one has been gluten-free for a substantial period of time.  She also brought up the point about the link between gluten and ADHD in young children.

One of the most interesting points we exchanged was that most major “studies” indicate that approximately  one percent of the American population are gluten intolerant.  But we both agreed that, just as we had met for the first time on a common subject, we each meet many other people all the time who have a spouse, son, daughter, family member, co-worker, neighbor or friend who is also having difficulty with gluten.  Perhaps those studies are out of date.  Based upon our experience, the percentage is much greater than currently reported.  Try it for yourself!  As an experiment, causally ask others in a group session if they know of someone who is celiac or gluten intolerant.  We would love to hear your story!  Just leave a note on the “Comment” button below!

Have a great weekend..and thanks for letting me pitch hit for Mary.  She should be back tomorrow.

Lee Bortel