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Life seems to be passing by so quickly, and changing even faster. My 30 year reunion is right around the corner, and this will be the first time I’ve seen most of them since senior year or before. Nowadays with Facebook, LinkedIn, and other venues, somehow we’ve all reconnected as if we had just spoken days ago. It’s quite odd, but nice at the same time. I met my husband, Lee, from hearing him on the radio – that’s another story for another time! He was a ‘DJ’ at a top oldies station here in Phoenix, and I loved to call in during the contests to win things!  Who doesn’t? 12th caller, 16th caller…whatever it is, how did they do it back when rotary dial phones were all they had? What a pain!  LOL!! My how things change!

I think back to when I was a kid, and rotary dial phones still existed!  No internet, no cell phones, no high tech computers or laptops, no email…what did we do?

But my recollection tells me that we kids entertained ourselves in so many other ways than kids do today!  The kids from the neighborhood would gather round – I supposed some of us would go knocking on doors to get everyone out, and once we all were together we would decide on what game to play. Would it be kick the can, or hide and seek – what? We even played a game called ‘Easter Egg,’ now that was fun! I may have the name wrong on that one, but I think it was called that.  We’d also play leap frog, tag, freeze tag, tv tag, red rover, and mother may I?  Girls and boys both, what a fun time in life!  Hahaha! Memories!

I’ve raised 4 kids, starting in 1983 – oh my!  But even then there was Atari, and other computer games.  I believe the outdoor games like the ones mentioned above, were already long forgotten! Too bad, so sad!

Here’s to my childhood, ahhh……..the way we were! (click on this and keep reading).  If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me would we….could we? I don’t know if it’s getting older that makes me melancholy or if it’s my appreciation for friends and family that have done so. I think we simply tend to see things differently as an adult.

My wish to all those who I love, and those who I have not even met  yet – I know you’re out there, may you have health, peace, happiness and LOVE! We are only on this earth for a short while, so it’s important that our time here is spent wisely! If our health is not optimal and yet we are ‘able‘ to change things, then it’s just absurd if we don’t!  What I’m saying is that if we can make change happen for the better, then we need to! There is no excuse big enough to flush our lives down the toilet! It’s actually quite selfish. Disease can and will take our body and mind if we allow it to, to the point of no return.  But, there are also instances when eating right and changing our outlook on life will and can change our lives for the better! What are we waiting for? Surviving a heart attack or stroke will probably make us change things around, but why wait?  Especially when survival rate is very low on those! Is that what you’re waiting for?  I don’t think so! You know what’s right, do it!

The ME-gan Lifestyle will teach you to be in control of  your life!  Live, love and be healthy and happy! Be in control of your destiny – it’s all up to you!

I pray for those with addictions, whether it be food, drug, drink…whatever! I urge you to declare – “satan get behind me,” and to move on with your life! God wants you to live!

PEACE ON EARTH (click here to hear one of my all time favorite songs) – Good health to all!

Love, Mary