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It’s hard to believe that September has arrived! This is a big birthday month in our family! 2 of my children, nieces, nephews, a sister-in-law, and even mine! But most of all my 4th grandchild will be born this month – Antonio James! Due September 27th! I can hardly wait!

Growing up back East, September was my favorite month! Not only was it my birthday month, but it was back to school time, and that meant “new clothes!” It also meant mums, pumpkins, cider and soon halloween…ahh!  Fall, don’t ya just love it!? I can still smell the leaves! I don’t know if we were just crazy kids or perhaps it was a ‘back East’ thing, but we loved to rake the leaves into a big pile, then jump out of a tree into it! It’s not like leaves are cushioned! You go right through them! Oh well, I guess we thought it was fun! Hahaha! I miss home dearly! But I will be back soon – I can’t wait! Maybe I’ll bring cactus or scorpions back with me and trade them in for fresh fallen leaves or apple cider! For some reason I don’t think I’ll find anyone to make that trade!

Needless to say, fall here in Phoenix is quite different! But like all things, we make the best of it!! My quest for the next week or two is to make a ME-gan pumpkin pie! I have no recipe, but I’ll come up with one! I love to experiment! I’ll let you know how I do! In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or recipes, please send them over! Fall makes me want to cook! I’m glad I found a ME-gan chili recipe a few weeks ago! I know I’ll be making a pot of that for my family when I go home! They’ll love it!

My fall groove is on, and I can’t wait to find some great fall vegetables at local, organic farmers’ markets over the next couple months! I love my squash! M-m-m!!

Happy Labor Day weekend to all!

Stay healthy & happy.