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I read an article once that said the effects from the amount of gluten found in one small crouton, will stay in your system for 6 months. It’s hard to believe! For those of us who cannot tolerate gluten, it’s a serious matter! I know that if I eat one crouton I certainly feel it! It’s definitely not in our heads! I also understand that it’s quite common for those who suffer from celiac disease to also have dairy intolerance. That’s me! Of course, I didn’t realize this until late in life.  What a difference it made to my entire well-being when I changed my eating habits. Once I experienced better health, I became extremely serious about what I put into my body! I realize that good health should not be taken lightly. Getting serious meant that I had to gain knowledge and educate myself on nutritional facts! I feel strongly about each person doing their own research. It’s important! You cannot rely on others to give you the facts. You are capable of getting out there and learning, so do it!  It’s all part of changing your life! Get in control!

I notice more and more lately that people are getting on the gluten free train! That’s wonderful because we can all live without gluten, celiac or not!  Gluten is mostly found in junk, processed foods, so good for you if you give it up!  But know this…a person can cut back on fat, salt, calories, etc., but gluten is different – there is no such thing as ‘cutting back,’ it just doesn’t work that way. So if you’re buying gluten free noodles and other items, yet still eating bread and other processed foods & sauces which contain gluten, you are not benefitting in the least.

Eliminating gluten from your diet is a wise decision for those who have a choice! And for those of us who have no choice, can tell you that eating gluten free is not only healthier, but simply delicious! God gave us natural goodness, taste and see!  Here are some pictures of some yummy ME-gan food! Start today – throw that gluten away!

Gluten free love,


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