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For those of us with either food allergies or just plain and simple concern for what we put into our bodies, may find it frustrating to eat outside of the home. Whether it be a restaurant, or even a school cafeteria, the need to be vigilant to our desires and our needs is imperative!

Just this morning I heard a news report on a child who is highly allergic to nuts and had experienced a severe reaction after eating a school salad which had nuts in it. This is awful! It should not have happened and could have been prevented. When our health is on the line, why would we risk eating out and trusting that others will have as much concern for us as we do for ourselves? We must all take control of our world, including those parents who have children with allergies! It is you who must insure your child(ren) is kept safe!

You’ve often heard me talk about mishaps in restaurants! I’ve told the waiter up front that I’m gluten free, meat free, dairy & egg free, and still was given inaccurate information and have been served items that actually did contain those ingredients!  If I had not been vigilant enough to suspect that something was wrong and question it, I would have eaten it and paid the price – and believe me, there have been times when that has happened. This is why I finally realized I can’t afford to put my trust in something that’s just not trustable!

So…how do we do this? How do we take control and end these mishaps? It’s quite simple actually; we shop, buy, prepare and eat our very own food! The kick back I hear on this very often is that people don’t have the ‘time!’  This is my response…really?  You don’t have time to protect yourself and those you love and are responsible for? We need to MAKE and TAKE time for us and our loved ones because if we don’t, who will?

Try re-evaluating your daily agenda, especially the evening hours. This is the time that can be used for food preparation, and lunch packing for the next day! I bet if you change up your routine just a bit you’ll find the time it takes to shop & prepare your very own creative, safe meals!

Once you have embraced this change, I’m certain that you will feel in charge of your world and much safer!  There’s nothing like peace of mind! This is one of the many qualities of The ME-gan Lifestyle – being in control!  This is a feeling of elation, and you’ll be happier in all ways!

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Safe love,