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What happens when you mix a Bortel with a Sparacino?  You get a Bortelino!!  And oh-boy do we Bortelino’s know how to cook & eat!!

Kitchen Bortelino has been transformed into La Trattoria! Oooh…if you could just walk through our front doors your mouth would start watering immediately! Aromas of fresh garlic, extra-virgin olive oil, fresh herbs such as flat leaf parsley, basil, oregano, grilled veggies and more! If we can’t live in Italy, we’ll bring it here!

Ahh…how nice it would be to spend summers in Rome! Romance, food, wine…what else is there!?? Life is great when you have these 3 in your life! Lee and I certainly do! Roman markets in the summertime are filled with beautiful eggplants and peppers, brought in from nearby farms! Eggplants can be chubby and pale violet to white or sleek and near black! And sweet bell peppers compliment the eggplant so well…green, red, yellow and big! Pair up these two veggies and turn them into grill masterpieces! That’s Lee’s job, and he is the master at it!! Once on the table, pass around with delicious gluten & dairy free bread that has been grilled or toasted, rubbed with fresh garlic, drizzled with olive oil and topped with fresh basil! Also great when served with a side of pasta!  Are you salivating yet?

Sunday was always my favorite day as a kid!  It was SPAGHETTI day! My mother and father would cook the sauce the day before, or get up early Sunday morning and cook it all day long. This Sunday gravy, or sauce as we call it here in the States, was loaded with fresh meats such as pork, chicken, Italian sausage – fresh from the Italian deli, meatballs and my all-time favorite…EGGS! Yes we put eggs in our sauce! I believe this to be a Sicilian tradition. We hard boil the eggs, peel them, poke fork holes in them, and then cook them all day long in the sauce! With all this said, go ahead and ask me…

How can you not eat all this delicious food anymore? Don’t you miss it?  You’re never going to eat a meatball or an egg again?

My answer is no problemo!! The ME-gan Lifestyle has taken me down a different road!  One of health, happiness and delicious, whole food from Mother Nature! I’ve traded in those old foods for other food items that are not only healthier but simply DEE-LISH!! Today I made (as described above) Antipasto Bis Di Peperoni E Malanzane (Grilled Eggplant and Sweet Peppers) served with a side of pasta and marinara sauce!  Yes, of course the pasta was gluten free! Would I eat it any other way? Italian food goes FAR BEYOND sausage and meatballs folks, let me tell you! Get your Italian grill on! Take a trip to Italy and see how the fresh markets are just overflowing with abundances of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices! Open your palates and try something new for a change!

Wishing you were here to share in the succulence! Great food, great family, great times! Ahhh…memories are made of this!!

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!

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Bortelino love,