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Gluten Free!  It’s the latest craze!  Everywhere we go…we see, read or hear about gluten!  Even I am trying to tell the whole world that gluten is one protein we can all live without!  I find it so odd that I had never heard of gluten, yet once I finally discovered it on my own, it becomes the nationwide hype!  What a bizarre coincidence!  Timing!  Wow!

I get a kick out of how products that are naturally gluten free are now being promoted as “GLUTEN FREE,” when they’ve ALWAYS been gluten free!  And most likely these food manufacturers are raising their prices simultaneously, since it appears the consumer is willing to pay more $$ for a gluten free item!  Unbelievable!!

Cereal is a great example of this very thing!  I love cereal, always have!  What a great ‘anytime’ snack!  I load my bowl up with a variety of fruits – bananas, blueberries, strawberries…etc., and ice cold almond milk!  It’s so refreshing, and is quite the healthy snack!  I’ve never been one for those sugar & gluten ladened cereals!!  Here are pictures of my 3 favorite cereals!  You’ll recognize 2 of them I’m sure, they’ve been around a long time.  Notice how the packaging now reads, after all these years of existence, gluten free!  They too are riding the health wave!

Some products are naturally gluten free and still advertise in big lettering ‘GLUTEN FREE.’  I used to find this sort of gimmick advertising insulting – as if I needed to be told ‘potatoes,’ ‘corn’ or ‘rice’ is gluten free!  But after I put more thought into the matter, I realize that it’s quite true that most people are not informed on what gluten is and what foods are naturally gluten free.  I mean, how would we know this stuff?  It’s never been an issue till now, and we certainly can’t expect schools to teach nutrition as it should be! It just won’t happen!  But then again, maybe since our First Lady, Michelle Obama, is working to eliminate or reduce childhood obesity, nutrition may finally reach our schools curriculum.  So, although it’s quite sad, it is a fact that the food industries are making money off of our lack of knowledge.

My advice to you is to keep your eyes open and get to know your naturally gluten free products – make sure you’re not paying more for what comes naturally!

Now…for my favorite cereals:  Kellogg’s Rice Krispies, General Mills Rice Chex, and Nature’s Path Crunch Maple Sunrise – enjoy the natural goodness of gluten free grains!

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