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When my eating habits changed, I had to learn what was what, you know…get the skinny on things!  It was all new to me!  I never felt overwhelmed, or cheated…it was actually quite the opposite!  I was excited about learning new things, such as what ‘gluten’ was, and what vitamins, minerals, and nutrients I would be missing (if any at all) when I stopped eating gluten, meat, dairy and egg!  There was a lot to learn, but I didn’t rely on ‘others’ to give me the scoop!  I didn’t want convoluted information and opinions…no, I wanted the facts, and that was all.  I drew my own conclusions!

Well, I did just that, learned what I had to learn, and got on with my life!  I have never been happier, or felt healthier…finally, after literally throwing away years of my life!  Don’t look back people… just press on!!  Trust me!  That’s what I had to do, and I’m moving right along!

So, don’t give up, and certainly know that your day WILL come!  We all have low points in our lives, at least I think so!  If not, what a lucky person you are!  But like everything else in life, low points will pass!  Low points can be health, happiness, finances, business, so on.  We need to do our best to get past these low times the quickest and healthiest way possible!  When our minds and bodies are in prime condition, we can make good decisions and stay focused, but when we are not healthy, it’s the opposite.  So find your health again, be in optimal condition and you’ll find yourself in control of your life, and that’s where you need to be!

We need to live to LIVE, not live to ‘eat!’   I am often asked, “do you miss meat?” or “so, you’re never going to eat a steak again?” and I think to myself that these people asking the questions have no idea how happy and healthy I am!  They can’t even fathom a meatless diet, so in reality, whatever I say won’t really matter to them, but for some reason they are curious!  The answer, plain and simple is “no,” I do not miss meat!  And I don’t plan on eating steak again, but I don’t know the future – who does?

I’m happy and healthy with my ME-gan food, and I plan on staying this way!  Love ya!


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