Cereal has to be the greatest fast breakfast there is!  Load  your bowl with your favorite gluten free cereal, add a variety of fruit, and top with ice cold almond milk!  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting seconds!

Cereal is low fat, and has much to offer!  Fruit and nuts add pizzazz, and who needs sugar with the natural sweetness of fruit?  If you have a hankering for something sweeter than that, then try sprinkling some brown sugar on top!

Cereal may be the winner this week as far as fast and healthy!  In the ME-gan Lifestyle, we won’t be eating those cereals loaded with sugars and dyes!  We will be eating all natural grains such as corn, rice, flaxseed, nuts, seeds and more!

Get some giddy-up in your get-a-long by eating the right foods!

Here’s to great starts!