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Over the years, more and more, we hear about chemicals in our foods.  We hear about it on special news segments, daytime doctor shows, and even read about it in books and magazine articles.  It really shouldn’t be anything new to any of us.  What may be new and shocking, however, is the ‘truth’ about these chemicals!  Read for yourself the many reports and studies available that provide evidence that chemicals can cause severe reactions.  Sure, there is no person, doctor, report or study that has all the answers, but don’t look too hard to avoid the truth!  The information available on chemicals in our food is not bull.  I’m always saying not to believe everything you are told, and that you should do your own studying, and come to your own conclusions.  You must search for information, it will not come to you!  What are you waiting for?

If I had to raise my children over, boy would I do things differently!  Namely, eating habits!!  I would have raised them all ME-gans!!  Adults and kids alike simply do not need more than what Mother Nature has provided to us! Sure, there are many who will argue this.  Fine.  But this is what I believe.  All this processed food is just killing us!  Meats, dairy, egg ….  gluten, it’s all been proven to me to be more trouble than it’s worth.

I was just reading an article about chemicals in our foods, and  it talks about how 80% of children with ADHD who stop eating processed foods are cured in 2 weeks.   This is amazing, but it’s not surprising.   If you ask me, processed foods are really nothing but junk and can cause a lot of harm.

When I stopped eating gluten, I felt better almost instantly!  First of all it basically cuts all processed food out of your diet.  Yeah!  That’s GREAT!!!  What are non-gluten foods? Simple really…fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, protein, beans, potatoes, legumes, gluten free grains and pastas such as flaxseed, quinoa, amaranth, corn, millet, rice and more!  I however, do not eat animal, and get my protein elsewhere.  So cutting gluten out of your diet alone puts you on a path to healthier eating automatically!  It’s a great start!!  Check all  your canned, boxed and frozen foods, you’ll be surprised where you find gluten, aka “Wheat Flour.”

But chemicals are not only in processed foods, they are also in meat, fish, and dairy products (not to mention hormones & antibiotics also found in meats, fish, dairy and egg!)  This is why I eat the ME-gan way!  Simply put… I just don’t have to worry about all this stuff.  The idea is to eat foods that have no ‘ingredient list!’  And if there is one, the shorter the better!!  Why fight the chemicals when you can change your diet and not have to deal with them any longer?

Go all natural, organic & local!!  YEAH BABY!

Explore cures… go after a healthier you and a healthier family!!!  Take charge and be in control!