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Do you ever feel like each day is a battle?  Do you find yourself constantly dealing with incompetent people and cleaning up other people’s messes?  Can you relate?  Even at the grocery store, the baggers over bag until the bag explodes!  Hello!?  Are you serious?  Let’s ‘not’ put 5 jars in one bag…got it?  Good!  Then there’s the cleaners who can’t find your suit that you just dropped off 4 days ago.  Ok, whateverrRRR!  Let’s not forget the famous ‘over charge!’  Why does that happen more and more lately?  I get home, double check my receipt only to find I was charged incorrectly!  Ahhhh!!!  What is going on with this world?  In the old days people took pride in their jobs, respected their employer & the customer, and did great work!  It’s hard to come by anymore.

Let’s talk about making deals.  You walk into a showroom of furniture, 10 sales people come at you!  Customer service at its best.  Make the purchase, close the deal and then see what happens.  Your furniture is late, it gets delivered with problems, all of a sudden this ‘great’ customer service you were greeted with when buying the furniture has disappeared!  Now you get cranky people who tell you how it is, and don’t really care about you!  The money’s been handed over…it’s a whole new ballgame now!  Business is not supposed to be done that way.  Whatever happened with follow through?

Man, sometimes I could just scream!  What is there not to be negative about?  Sometimes I feel like I’m the last one in the world with morals and ethics!  Do you ever feel this way too?

I seriously don’t know what I would do without my faith and love for God!  The whole world can be falling apart but God can change it all.  He can take all your worries, fears and frustrations away!  Keep the faith and stay positive!  Things will get better!  The people in the world can only ‘try’ to get to you, it is up to us to keep out the negative and only let the positive in!

So take a breath, say a prayer, and move on!

Faith, eating the right foods, staying positive and living life to the fullest is what we all need to focus on!

With healthy minds and bodies we can think clearer and make more rational decisions when dealing with all these MAD, MAD PEOPLE!!