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Does it ever end?  Pills, plans, shots…OMG!  Must we fall for another ‘diet?’  Our poor bodies!  How much more can they take?  The way I see it, everyone wants to lose weight fast!  High school reunions, weddings and holiday parties – they are all reasons to ‘hurry up’ and lose those last 5 or 10 lbs.!  Let it be known that those are the hardest lbs. to lose – the last little bit!  Isn’t it funny though that we do that?  We wait until push comes to shove and then scurry around taking desperate measures!  Perhaps we’ll take a metabolism booster for a week, or do a 7 day diet plan.  Whatever it may be, wouldn’t it make more sense to start TODAY, since you did not start last month or last year, to change your lifestyle completely?  It certainly didn’t take you overnight to put that weight on and you can bet your bottom dollar you won’t lose it overnight!  A lifestyle change will get you where you want to be, slowly but surely!  Give yourself some time and this way you’ll keep it off and the cycle of diet madness will finally come to an end!  This is one of many great attributes of the ME-gan Lifestyle.

I just read an article titled “HCG Diet Hazards.”  An excerpt from this article reads:  The HCG weight-loss system is one of the most dangerous approaches to losing weight that I have ever seen.    Wow, I read that and thought to myself – “thank God I never did that!!”  Here’s a little info on it:  It is based on a severely nutrient deficient, 500-calorie diet, along with appetite suppression & metabolic stimulation by way of injections or homeopathic drops of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG),  get this – a glycoprotein hormone produced during pregnancy.  I find that so bizarre!  The good points to this diet are that the dieter is restricted from too much junk food, refined sugar or wheat.  This is a limitation that would help us all!  Also, the hCG hormone may help in redistributing some nutrients from fatty areas into more critical enzyme systems of the body.  If this does in fact occur, it would be quite beneficial.  Well, that’s about it for the positive side.  Ready for the bad stuff?  Clients have reported muscle loss (this is not good!), unable to sleep and when they have stopped taking it have reported exhaustion and possible liver damage.  One overlooked fact, which is the case with most ‘diets,’ is that once you quit taking it you will gain your weight back…and ‘then’ some, if you have not changed your lifestyle along the way.  I’m sure there are some who have fared well on this and have no complaints.  Everyone is different.  I am the type of person who always suffers from the most severe cases of possible side effects!  God’s way of keeping me pure and simple!  I appreciate His love and concern for me!  What the hCG seems to accomplish is suppression of the appetite and keeps a person’s energy up at the same time – a good deterrence to the fact that you are starving to death.  Most cancers contain trophoblast and produce hCG.  As a matter of fact, detecting hCG is the basis of a good cancer test!  We MUST wake up and be more vigilant of what we are putting into our bodies!

Here are just a few to mention serious hazards of the HCG diet:

  • A 500-calorie diet.  This is not enough to maintain a level of nutrition.  Period.  Got it?  Good.  Because this is serious!  In reality, this is equal to starvation.
  • Improper food and poor nutrition.  This diet is highly lacking in the area of basic nutrients.  Not only is it low cal, but in addition here are further nutritional problems:  Coffee & tea are permitted in unlimited amounts.   These stimulants are known to slowly wear down & deplete the body.  Boy am I glad I quit caffeine!  It was a week of pure misery, but it was worth it!  I feel so much better all around.  Caffeine also irritates the intestines and stomach, which only further impairs proper nutrition!  Ok, let’s move it along here…intake of water is not adequate.  It is recommended in this diet to drink 2 liters per day – most adults typically need more like 3 liters or 3 quarts!  Vegetables are virtually ignored.  Of all the things to limit to 1 @ both lunch and dinner, why the vegetable?  Veggies are our friends and contain phytonutrients which our bodies require!  Let’s raise the intake up to 70 to 80% of our diet!  How ’bout that folks?  That’s a smarter move!
  • Worse off afterwards.  When the diet ends and thank goodness it does, or it would literally end in death by starvation, the dieter is less able to balance body chemistry and, therefore, is less able to keep weight off.

Bottom line, from what I gather after reading all this, is that this diet will make you temporarily feel good, energetic and lose weight.  What’s new?  Nothing!  It’s the same with all of them!  It doesn’t last and it tampers with your body & you’ll have to deal with that later!  That’s where it starts to get serious, the ‘long term’ effects on our bodies long after we stop.  We tend to forget about this very crucial piece of information!  Uggg….is it worth it?  Not to me.

We have the means to change our lifestyle without involving all these diet plans!  Every day we are faced with numerous choices and we can control each one, including what we put into our bodies.   Why do we prefer to follow a plan instead of eating right?  This truly boggles my mind.  I mean, if you’re happy with how you are, then fine.  But, if you’re out purchasing hCG and/or other diet plans, my guess is that you would  like to lose some weight.  So do it, just do it the healthy way, and the way which will ensure you stay fit for life!!  Eat right and be smart about it!

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Peace and Health to all!  They’re what the world needs NOW!