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Fresh berries…precious gems from God, full of flavor and flavonoids!  Each berry is filled with an explosion of juicy delight and delivers antioxidants, vitamins C & E, riboflavin and fiber that work to fight obesity, protect brain function and promote urinary health!  The red, blue & purple pigments in berries, known as anthocyanins, also help our bodies detoxify, repair damaged DNA, lower LDL , or “bad” cholesterol, levels & fight cancer!  God is GREAT!  He truly did give us all we need to flourish right here before our eyes!  Sometimes it seems as if we can’t see the forest for the trees!

There have been SCORES of studies done evidencing the many health benefits from consuming a variety of fresh berries.  Each berry offers not only it’s unique color and flavor, but also a particular health protection!  Does it sound too good to be true?  Maybe, but it’s not!  It is true!  It’s BERRY TRUE!

  • Cherries:  Sour & sweet cherries both help reduce inflammation, especially in occurrences associated with gout! Personally, I can testify to this!
  • Grapes:  Dark purple Concord grapes have a resveratrol content and is key in combating the effects of aging!  Amazing grace!
  • Black Raspberries:  These members of the berry family helps fight oral, esophageal & colon cancers!  Load me up!
  • Blackberries & Marionberries:  Members of the rose family, these berries grow on shrubs.  Both help digestion and prevent salmonella growth!  Perhaps restaurants should start serving these as an after dinner mint!
  • Strawberries:  Everybody loves strawberries, don’t they?  They help fight against breast and cervical cancers!  Eat up ladies!

In the ME-gan Lifestyle you will enjoy berries in many ways!  Toss them into your favorite salad!  Mix up a super antioxidant rich breakfast shake, what a great way to start your day!  Eat them in a bowl with ice cold almond milk!  M-m-m!!!  You’ll find them to be a refreshing touch to a mint iced tea!  As always, get CREATIVE!

God was kind enough to provide all these healthy, yummy foods – say “Thank You” back, and give your body the respect it deserves, by trying them out!  Get serious!  Get healthy!

Here’s to conscious eating!